District : West Kameng

Recovery of two Country made muzzle loading gun

Two Country made muzzle loading gun has been seized/recovered from accused Sri Lajang Mongriju and suspected accused Sri Nikhuyang Ajangju of Ditchik village under Nafra Circle in Connection with Bomdila Police Station Case No. 11/2015 U/S 188 IPC R/W Section 27/28 Arms Act.

Recovery of Motor Cycles suspected to be stolen

The following motor cycles were recovered in PS Kalaktang, West Kameng District without valid document suspected to be stolen from various parts of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh..
  1. Babaj Pulsar 150cc R/no.AS-27A1618,CH/no.MD2A11CZ8DWD15856, E/NO.DHZWDD20574
  2. Honda Twister 150 R/NO AS-13C8470, CH/no.ME4KC09ABB803600P E/NO.KC09E2036073
  3. Bajaj Pulsar 180 R/no. AS-279399, C/NO.MD2DDHDJZZUCG66707, E/NO.DJGBUG26553
  4. Yamaha SZ-R R/NO.AS-278692, CH/NO. ME11PMO32D2068786, E/NO.1PM3068767
  5. Bajaj Pulsar 180 R/no.AS-277141, CH/NO.MD2DHDDJZZTCG31660, E/NO.DJGBTG70675
  6. Bajaj Pulsar 180 R/NO.A/F, CH/NO.MD2DHDJZZTCD82801, E/NO.DJGBTD15322
  7. Bajaj Pulsar 150 R/NO.AS-277404, CH/NO.MD2DHDJZZVCB01096, E/NO.DJGBVB62641
  8. Bajaj Pulsar 150RNO. AS-01AE-5362, CH/NO.MD2DHZZPCB15386, E/NO.DHGBPB53179
  9. Bajaj Pulsar 150R/NO. AS-12H7039, CH/NO.MD2A11CZ7CGF16650, E/NO.DHZCCF14261
  10. Bajaj Pulsar 200R/NO. AS-13B0265, CH/NO.MD2DHJCZZ44141, E/NO.JCGBSC71489
  11. Bajaj Pulsar 220R/NO. AS-02K5299, CH/NO.MD2DHDKZZUCF45037, E/NO.DKGBUF61696
  12. Bajaj Pulsar 180 R/NO.AS-27A1262, CH/NO.MD2A12DZ9ECK59320, E/NO.DJZCEK74980
  13. Bajaj Pulsar 200NS R/NO. AS-01BH1409, CH/NO.MD2A36FZXDCF19241, E/NO.JLZCDF15528
  14. Bajaj Pulsar 150 R/NO.AS-12H7398, CH/NO.MD2A11CZXDCB58915, E/NO.DHZCDB46619
  15. Bajaj Pulsar 150cc R/NO.AS-12-DH-2155, CH/NO.MD2DHDHZZSCN50585, E/NO.DHGBSM39974
  16. Bajaj Pulsar 150cc R/NO.AS-13-B-8140, CH/NO.MD2DHDHZZUCF32119, E/NO.DHGBUF12705
  17. Bajaj Pulsar 150cc R/NO.AS-01-W-6710, CH/NO.MD2DHDHZZUCF38306, E/NO.DHGBF15602
  18. FZ-S Yamaha bike R/NO.AS-01-AQ-4282, CH/NO. ................., E/NO. 21C6016054
  19. Bajaj Pulsar 150cc R/NO.AS-27-6887, CH/NO.MD2DHDHZZUCH12053, E/NO.DHGBUH8636
  20. Bajaj Pulsar 150cc R/NO.AS-12-G-1562, CH/NO.MD2DHDHZZSCL25411, E/NO. ..........
  21. Bajaj Pulsar 150cc R/NO.AS-12-H-6472, CH/NO.MD2DHDHZZUCK18175, E/NO.DHGBUK81450
  22. Hero Honda (Hunk) R/NO.AS-13-B-2446, CH/NO.MBLKC13ED9GF00080, E/NO.KC13ED9GF00236
  23. Apache 180CC R/NO.AS-01-AU-6497, CH/NO.MD634KE61B2B58246, E/NO.0E6BB2084205