Fire Safety Precautions

Fire accidents are man-made tragedy and thus totally preventable.Fire accidents are result of human negligence and failure to observe certain basic and common precautions. In Arunachal Pradesh majority of the houses are made of bamboo and tako patta (leaves) which are highly prone of fire. To add to the problem electric wiring is open in the house; where wires are just hanging here and there, sometimes even naked wire. Fire wood is being burnt in the centre of the house and kept burning round the clock. In winter season, fire wood and other inflammable material is being burnt oven outside the house in open space to keep oneself warm, but this fire is kept unattended. With high wind velocity the left un-burnt fire become major reason for fire mishap. According to the experience of fire service staff, following are the main reason behind the fire accident.

1. Electric short Circuit – Unsafe wiring, overloading, sub-standard electrical equipments/ fittings and electric wiring/connection done by unskilled persons.
2. Unattended and uncovered lamps/candle that falls down due to the movement of pets/rat/car or children.
3. Practice of NOT putting off the fire before sleep or unattended/unguarded fire.
4. Not observing safety precautions regarding LPG gas cylinders.
5. Not paying attention to fire wood size and oversize wood beyond the fire place.
6. Habit of throwing cigarette/bidi butts before putting it off.
7. Lighting Diyas and agarbatti near photos of gods but not paying due attention on it.

Though reasons are obvious and known to everybody but despite that we fail to observe fire safety precautions and results in having fire accident. Remember Pasighat is a high wind blowing place; therefore much care on fire is necessary during winter. Any unattended/unguarded fire in open area or leaving the fire without putting it off completely is an open invitation to fire accident especially in winter season because of high wind phenomena. This shall be given due consideration while cooking outside in open area during picnic or heating the water outside home

Some Preventive tips:-

1. Always take care on burning necked lamps.
2. Do not smoke in Bed/throw burning buds here and there.
3. Do not keep any Inflammable liquid items near the Hearth in Kitchen.
4. Ensure that all Electrical wiring in the house are good.
5. Ensure that Fire in the Kitchen have been put off before going to bed.
6. Don't keep hay stock nearby the house.
7. As far as possible, the houses be constructed giving sufficient space.
8. Don't play Crackers/Rockets/Bombs etc. near the house. These be enjoyed under the super­vision of senior and respectable person.
9. Don't keep Match boxes/Lighter etc. at the reach of the children.
10. Don't keep Agarbathi (Burning Sandal sticks/Diya) carelessly near the photos of the God and Goddesses.
11. Don't make Fire in the garden when wind is blowing.
12. Close the regulator of the Gas cylinder and the Gas stove properly and always use original Pipe and avoid very old one.

What to do in Case of Fire Accident:-

In case of Fire accident, immediate information be given to Fire Station/nearest Police Station in the following Telephone Numbers :
i) Fire Station: Tel / Phone No. 101
ii) Police Station: Tel / Phone No. 100

1. Give the correct address of the Fire premises and route.
2. On hearing the Fire ALARM keep the road clear.
3. Do not disturb the Fire Brigade during Fire Fighting.
4. Gathering of Crowd makes Fire Fighting operation difficult.
5. Shout for help in case of Fire and for rescue.
6. Protect the personal belongings of the Fire victim being stolen by ill hearted and narrow minded people.
7. Help in evacuation of the fire burn victims to the Hospital for medical assistance.