District: Namsai

SL No. Nature of Work Police Station & District or Unit/Battalion Date of Good work done Brief of the work done
1 Arrest of accused Namsai PS, Namsai District 14/07/2016

Namsai PS Case No. 75/16 u/s 302 IPC r/w Sec 30 Arms Act

A written FIR received from Shri Rubul Gogoi of Kakopathar (Assam) to the effect that on 14.07.2016 at about 1830 hrs his brother Shri Mridul Gogoi along with Shri Bhodysor Gogoi went to the house of one Chow Mithila Mantaw of Lathao for dinner. At around 2200 hrs.Chow Mithila Mantaw suddenly fired with SBBL gun. As a result his brother Mridul Gogoi died on the spot and Shri Bhodhysor Gogoi managed to escape.

Accused Chow Mithila Mantaw-41 yrs of Lathao village has been arrested on 14.07.2016. The weapon of offence i.e. SBBL gun has been recovered and seized.

2 Rescue kidnapped girl and arrested accused Namsai PS, Namsai District 14/03/2016 &07/03/2016

Namsai PS Case No. 28/16 U/S 363 IPC

A written FIR received from ASI C.M Longkan of Namsai to the effect that on 29.02.2016 a missing report was received from one Chow Seng Mirip of 2nd mile Namsai to the effect that his daughter Miss Nang Alisha Mirip -14 yrs has been found missing since 27/02/2016 at around 1600 hrs. accordingly he conducted inquiry and search but the said missing girl could not be located and it is suspected that Nang Alisha Mirip might have been kidnapped by someone.

Accused Raja Killue arrested on 07.03.2016. The missing girl miss Nang Alisha Mirip -14 yrs recovered from Itanagar on 14.03.2016 and handed over to her father. The case has been charge sheeted vide CS NO. 38/16 dtd 17/05/16.

3 Rescue kidnapped girl and arrested accused Namsai PS, Namsai District 15/01/2016

Namsai PS Case No. 03/2016 U/S 363 IPC

A written FIR received from Shri Ram BAdan Gupta of Duliajaan through I/C OP Parsuram Kund Wakro to the effect that on 14.01.2016 he alongwith family members came to Parsuram Kund for holy bath from Duliajan in hired van B/No. AS06P/0443 driven by Shri Trilok Sah of Duliajan. On reaching Parsuram Kund he alongwith family members went for holy bath leaving behind his grand daughter Miss Anjali Gupta 12 yrs and Miss Kajal Gupta 10 yrs in the vehicle with driver. But the said vehicle was not found available at parking place and learnt that the driver fled away alongwith his two minor girls towards Wakro.

Accused driver Trilok Sah of Duliajan Assam arrested on 15.01.16.Victim girls (1) Miss Anjali Gupta- 12 yrs & (2) Miss Kajal Gupta -13 yrs were recovered and handed over to their guardian after observing all formalities. The case has been Charge sheeted vide CS NO. 06/16 dtd 27/01/2016.

4 Arrest of accused Namsai PS, Namsai District

Namsai PS C/No. 73/15 U/S 392/394 IPC

On 14/7/2015 at 0900 hrs. a written complaint has been received from one Shri Sabhu Prasad of Tezu Bazar to the effect that on 12/07/2015 at about 0400 hrs his Truck bearing number AS-25/0411 driven by Shri Prem Bdr. Tamang was proceeding from Parsumram Kund to Tinsukia (Assam). On reaching near Chowkham Tri Junction, some boys given signal to stop, but out of fear he did not stop there. The miscreants chased the truck and stopped at near Jengthu Bridge and brutally assaulted the driver and forcefully taken away the truck. During investigation, truck No. AS-25/0411 recovered from Chowkham and the prime accused Chow Teykham Mannow aged 25 years S/o Lt Jiseng Mannow of Chongkham-IV has been arrested.